Stay safe! Run Responsibly!

Running during the days of coronavirus


Run Safe

Running is our passion. We can still go out for our runs but we all have to follow the rules which are given by the local authorities.

We should also keep in mind some really good pieces of advice to help us stay safe and to be responsible towards ourselves and society.

Running close

Prefer solo running. Running buddies are great but at this point it’s more important to stay safe.

If you want to run with a running partner, avoid to run behind him/her. Run in line and keep at least 4m distance between each other.

Start and finish your run from your home. Avoid taking a car or other vehicle.

Avoid crowded places. Prefer running around a park or a vast area with no cars and not many runners or walkers.

Prefer start running on flat surfaces. If it’s possible, try to avoid uphills or downhills for the first 1-2 km of your run.

Watch out for cars, bikes etc and slow down at the crossroads.

Avoid touching surfaces (buttons etc). If so prefer doing it with gloves or with your elbows.

It’s always better to run early in the morning or late in the evening.

Avoid spitting during your runs.

Running fast

If you want to run fast create a running circuit route around your place that you know well.

Ideally this route should be flat and calm.

Try to measure the length of the route by using your gps tracker (watch, app) or some web applications e.g. Google Earth.

Don’t forget to warm up before and to cool down afterwards.

Running back

Remove your shoes before entering the house.

Wash your hands carefully.

Stretch for 10-20 minutes.

Running late

Wear colorfull clothes or with reflective elements.

Avoid dark clothing.

Keep on the side of the road where you can see the cars coming towards you.

Avoid running and listening to the music.

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