Peace and Friendship Stadium

An urban park by the sea in Neo Faliro, Piraeus


It may have changed a lot in recent years but it still remains one of the most picturesque corners of Athens.

The reason for Neo Faliro which is located at the beginning of the main road that connects Athens and Piraeus and stands out with the imposing Peace and Friendship Stadium.

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A few words about the place

The park essentially covers the southwest side of the Stadium towards Mikrolimano and Kastela. It hosts several basketball, tennis and football courts as well as the “Dolphinarium” theater. It has a symmetrical and clear network of roads that are paved with cement but there are some areas inside that are covered with grass. There you can find monastery benches for rest and picnics as well as several benches. The general condition of the park is good and there are many people who visit it every day, all hours of the day for walking, running or even walking.


The new Faliro is one of the most privileged areas of Attica as it has several means of transport that connect it either with Athens, or with Piraeus or with the southern suburbs, while it is located very close to the urban centers (Athens, Piraeus). Also, since it is located at the beginning of Kifissos Avenue (National Road), it is accessible from the northern and western suburbs. From the moment you get there you can park your vehicle in front of the Peace and Friendship Stadium and from there walk only a few meters to the park. For those who will approach it by bus, there are aerial footbridges that connect it to the ISAP station (Piraeus – Kifissia) and the bus stop there, while right at the height of the park the tram (SEF – Syntagma ends and SEF – Voula Asclepieion).

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The route

Everyone can plan their own route through the streets of the park while there is the possibility to add other measures if you head to Mikrolimano crossing the bridge. The route we ran is entirely in the park area and starts from point A where it joins the SEF parking lot. Then our route continues on the streets of the park to the sea. Then it passes by the sea in the small port (Dilaveri coast) to reach again at the starting point having completed 1,250 m. The roads are quite wide, completely flat and well paved and so this route is suitable for both free running and breaks. workouts.


+ Basketball, tennis, soccer courts

+ Benches for rest

+ Easy access

+ Enough parking spaces

– Hard surface

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