Amazing marathon debut by Calli Thackery in New York

Great marathon debut for the Brit runner


2nd McKirdy Micro Marathon was held this weekend in New York producing a bunch of fast times by both men and women!

Tsegay Tuemay from Erythrea finished first in 2:11:04, while Tiidrek Nurme and Jonas Hampton followed in 2:13:38 and 2:13:34 respectivelly.

In the women’s race, Brit Calli Thackery was victorious in her marathon debut.

Thackery who is already familiar with the greek running community from her victory at Patras’ 1st Half Marathon this spring, won the race in 2:22:11.

The British top field runner may have booked her place at the summer Olympics, with this performance. Two weeks ago she was seventh at Riga’s World Athletics Road Championship in Half Marathon, setting a new pb in 1:08:56.

Savannah Berry was second in 2:29:06 and Makenna Myler third in 2:31:52.

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