Running in the snow

Tips and instructions for safe running on snowy surfaces


It is very likely that you will go out today for a run at your favorite stadium, in the park or on the road and suddenly everything is snowy. If this is something that does not happen often, you do not need to worry.

If you will follow some basic instructions for your safety, you can enjoy your training in a unique landscape and will have a training that you will remember for a long time.

Prefer fresh snow (if you already know the road) instead of icy terrain or this covered with pressed snow. The fresh snow is softer while it is not frozen. As we already say you should know the road, so you avoid to fall into a trap (puddle, obstacle, etc.).

-Also, prefer surfaces with soil or grass instead of tile and asphalt.

Avoid high speeds, long strides and frequent and intense changes of speed (accelerations and decelerations).  Prefer a small and steady stride and a “low” run.

-When you are not sure about the ground, prefer to walk. Nothing it is going to happen if you slow down a bit because of your safety.

-If you have planned a interval or tempo run, it is better to adjust your schedule. Prefer a free run and enjoy the snow.

Try to have your whole body “activated” as at any time you can slip and risk losing your balance.

Stay focused, keep your eyes on the road, enjoy your run. This is not a day to talk too much (in training) or to immerse yourself in your thoughts.

-In the rare case that you have special equipment for the snow (unless the snow is part of your daily routine) use it, but only when you run on the snow.

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