12 basic training rules

New to running? You should definately read these “rules”


These are some basic and very important “rules” of running training that will help you to reach your goals and stay healthy!

1 | Code 3
Try to run at least three times per week for every week. Even if once in a while you won’t be able to keep this analogy, try to return next week.

2 | It’s all about YOU
Whatever you do, every kilometer you run is about you, your health and your wellbeing. It’s not about proving to others around you but to protect and help yourself.

3 | Enjoy
It’s really important to enjoy every training. There will be some “bad days” as it happens on everything, but keep in mind to enjoy what are you doing.

5 | Running and more
Although we love running, you should try to add some more things in your trainings. Strength training at the gym, stretching, cycling etc are some really good ideas. In general, it would be great to be more active during your day by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle such as prefering the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the short distances instead of taking the car etc.

6 | Don’t feel bad
It would be inevitable. You will skip one training day once.But you should not feel bad about it. It’s something inevitable, even for the pros. Do not feel bad or anxious and keep following your training plan trying not to stay more than 3-4 days off.

7 | THE Goal
It’s not about getting faster. It’s about staying healthy, feeling great and upgrade your lifestyle.

8 | Learn yourself
It is really important to learn yourself through this process. Try to identify trainings that really help you out and how your body reacts to every stimulus. This will help you to choose the right trainings for your plan

9 | Slow down (when is needed)
Pushing yourself to the limit is not an everyday thing. There will be some days that you have to slow down and refresh your body. Believe in us, these kind of trainings are extremely important and will help your body relax and adapt effectively.

10 | Ask the experts
Don’t be afraid to ask the experts whenever you feel lost. Running coaches and trainers would give useful piece of advice especially about your training plan.

11 | The right models
Avoid comparing youself to other more experienced runners. Actually try not to compare to anyone. Every runner is different and you should keep that in mind. You should focus on becoming a proper runner and to be healthier.

12 | Inspire
You have already done the first step and soon enough you will see the changes. Now, you are an inspiration so try to inspire more people (friends, family, colleuges) and to motivate them to follow your new lifestyle.

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