Morning runner!

How to become a morning run (even if you hate morning runs)


Have you ever planned to go for running in the evening, and then something unexpeced happened so you missed it? This is a pretty unconfortable situation that probably have happened to every runner.

But is there any way that we could we fix it? Morning training is the answer. Although it might seem hard to start running in the mornings, believe in us, you can do it. You just have to follow some very useful instructions and start running!

Sleep early

Try to go to bed earlier than you used to. Try to escalate it, by earning 10-15 minutes earlier each time. After 4-5 times you will reach the one hour goal. If more than one hour is needed keep doing so.

Get up earlier

If you tend to get up five minutes before your morning training, you will probably won’t be as fresh as you want during your running. The key is to get up about 30-40 minutes earlier so you will have time to get ready. Your body will be warmed up and your brain will be activated also, and we you will something light as well!

Last night

The night before your morning training try to prepare your running suit and your shoes. When you wake up in the morning, it will be really cheerful to see them waiting for you! You will earn some useful time also and you will be motivated!


It may take some time for your body to adapt this all-new morning routing. So, don’t hesitate if you feel a bit clumsy and heavy at first. Give yourself some time. Your body may seem a little rigid so you might run slower than usual. This is something totally logic so you have to wait for a few weeks. After 2-3 weeks you will start perform much better.

Why run in the morning


As soon as you get used to the new morning habit you will note that every morning you feel more and more refreshed. Our body during the mornings is full of energy (as long as we eat well) in contrast with the evening trainings that we may be very tired through the day.

After the training

After your training you will surely feel full of energy and cheerful during the day. Eventually, you will feel more tired after the evening so it will be sleep like a baby at night.

Say no to stress

Having done your training in the morning it will mean that you don’t have to feel anxious about your running execution in the evening. By doing so, you ll have all day long to do all the stuff you want or cope up with every unexpected situation that may occur during the rest of the day.


Most of the running races are held during the morning hours. If you persist on morning runs , you will be more used to give your best during this time of the day. You will be able to push youself more, to enjoy running and you will need no time to adapt.


Don’t skip the breakfast

It is very important not to skip your breakfast. Even if you may think that it might be unescessery, it’s not. Eat someting light 15-30 minutes before running just to balance the stomach ph levels. According to Eirini Babaroutsi, Sports Dietician. during the morning ph levels are low which may lead to bad performance and luck of concentration. A slice of bread with cheese or turkey, or honey, even some nuts or a banana seem to be fine choices. In case that you already know well how your stomach react you may have a full breakfast 2-3 hours before training.

Weight Training? Evenings are better

According to chronobiology (yes, it is a pscyhology science domain) at the time of 5pm we succeed our best muscular performance So, it sounds better to do weight lifting or gym work outs at this time of the evening.

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