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Tips for begginers depending on the training hour


Are you thinking of starting running, but you don’t know what time of day to … fit it into your schedule?
For sure, at some point you will find some time, but what is the best?
The answer is to run whenever you can.
We’re here for you to give you some useful tips whatever hour of the day you’ll find the time.


If your schedule is free in the morning then take advantage of it.
Even this is a difficult choice for you, your body is more relaxed and performs better if you get used to it.


• Give your body enough time to get used to the morning workouts and do not stop them just after your first attempts.
After 4-5 workouts your biorhythms will adjust and you will feel much better, both in terms of mood and performance.

• Start by walking for 5-10 minutes to allow your body to gradually raise its heart rate, which is lower in the morning, as also its temperature.

• Choose a mini snack such as a snack bar, a fruit or a toast before your workout, and after it you must have a complete breakfast.


In case you belong to those who find time for exercise at noon, do not let the time to go waste.
This is the time of the day with several advantages. The temperature and humidity are usually at better levels (during the winter months) and the exercise areas (stadiums, parks, gyms, etc.) are not crowded.


• Your had to take you last meal at least 2.5-3 hours before your workout.

• In case of intense sunshine, take the necessary precautions (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen). Remember that also during winter the sun can cause problems.

• Make sure the stadium or gym you want to go to is open at noon as many of them close during that time.

• Avoid running in the city and especially on main and busy roads as in those hours there is the highest concentration of air pollutants.


In the afternoon, specifically the hours from 5 to 8, is the time when most people find time to train, so for sure you will find company more easily. But this means also that the training areas are busy.
It is of course a time of day when we usually feel better, while it is the best time to unwind after work.


• Your lunch should be at least 2.5-3 hours before training.

• Prefer a light lunch avoiding heavy meals and sauces.

• Avoid getting such a sleep at noon as your body will be “burdened”. Ideally try not to exceed the 40′-50′ of sleep.


If the only time you can find is in the evening there is no problem at all. Overcome any doubts and go out for training, even for a very easy run.


• If you run on the road you must follow all the safety rules (running without headphones, clothes with reflective areas and bright colours, running on the opposite side of the stream to be better visible from vehicles and have eye contact).

• Avoid running in dark and deserted places.

• After training, spend a little more time relaxing by performing recovery (5′-10 ‘ slow running or walking), do some stretching, as well as a warm bath. So you’ll avoid the overexertion and, finally, you’ll sleep more easily.

• Get informed about the schedules of the stadiums as most of the Municipal Stadiums are closed after 21:00-20:00.

Always remember that the most difficult part of a workout is getting ready and going out of the house!

Published in Runner 117, at section Fast Info / Begginers

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