Personal Challenges

Try something new! Tips, tricks and ideas to set a new personal challenge


Personal Challenges! This is the new way of racing! Actually, this is the answer to the cancelled or postponed road races for every runner.

If you do feel that you need something to motivate you, a new challenge that will keep your consistency in training, set a personal challenge!

Here, we give you 5 ideas for your next challenge! We also give you some useful tips to help you set a programme that will guide you through the whole process and succeed.

Run more km per week

Minimum time required: 2-4 weeks
It helps: Write down on the paper, or keep on an app your weekly mileage (volume of training).
Key traininng:
Long Run, Tempo Run
Difficulty scale: 9/10
SOS: Try not to augment your training volume sharply

Tip: Follow the 10% rule. If you are already experienced in running, or you run just a few km per week then you can add up to 20% from week to week.

The 10% rule

Many coaches suggest that every runner should follow this rule. It actually means that you should up no more than 10% more km from week to week for 3-4 weeks maximun. Eg. For a runner that runs 50km per week next week should sum maximum 55 km, thw week after to 60 etc

Personal record at shorter distances (400-1000m)

Minimum time required: 3-4 weeks
It helps: It would be really helpful you to have already run fast trainings in the past
Key trainings: 6-10 x 200m 1’-2’ rest, 8-10x100m hills (first 3-4 weeks), 4-6 x 400 race pace
Difficulty scale: 8/10
SOS: Running much faster than you used to may cause muscle injuries especially in the hamstrings.

Tip:Try to prepare your body during the first 1-2 weeks. Agility, mobiility exercises should be executed too. Take also care of your elasticity. Try to run 8-10 strides after every run.

Run fast at a 5 or 10k course

Minimum time required: 3-4 weeks
It helps: It would be necessary to be already in a good shape
Key trainings: Tempo Run, 5-7 x 1000m. 2’ rest, 2-4 x 2.000m με 2’-3’ rest
Difficulty scale: 7/10
Κίνδυνοι: You need to set a realistic training plan otherwise you will fail

Tip:Try to relate your goal to what you already do. Usually, 3-4 trainings per week are fine (1 interval, 1-2 easy runs, 1 long run)

Run faster my easy runs

Minimum time required: 3-4 weeks
It helps: It would be necessary to be already in a good shape
Key trainings: Long Run, Tempo Run, Cruise Intervals, 3-4 x 2.000m 2’-3’ rest, strength training
Difficulty scale:7/10
SOS: If you set a realistic goal and a doable training plan there would be nothing to worry about

Tip:Ok, it’s not definitely that easy. You should be patient and persistent. But if your training plan has everything that is needed you are going to succeed.In any case, if you will show loyalty and persistence after 3-4 weeks you will be running faster.

Run everyday

Minimum time required 2-4 weeks
It helps: Set a training plan putting everything in order
Key trainings: Focus on easy runs. If you do want to run some intervals do so but no more than 1-2/week
Difficulty scale: 8/10
SOS: The main danger is the sharp increase in training volume (mileage). You should keep in mind the 10% rule

Tip:If you run already 4 or less times per week avoid goint to 7/7 immidately. Start by adding one more training every week (easy runs 4-8km).Until you reach your goal avoid pushing the pace in every training even in intervals or tempo runs.

The other wayYou may feel the need to set a different goal, apart from running such as biking, swimming etc. This is a really good period to do so. You should always keep in mind that training follows the same rules in every activity. In any case you should always listen to your body and add with care the training volume (km or pace)

Some more tips

▪ Always stretch for 10-15 minutes after training. Repeat each stretching exercise for 2-3 times and stay for 20-30 seconds in every position.

▪ Stay always hydrated. Before, during and after the training!.

▪ If you do not own a GPS watch or smart watch try to download a running app. It will help you a lot to record your training, to understand the running paces and to set new goals in the future.

▪ If you feel that the whole thing is very tiring or difficult don’t be afraid to reevalute your fitness level and set a different training plan

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