Mobile app : MY alma

… a mobile app for every woman living with metastatic breast cancer


The Hellenic Association or Women with Breast Cancer informs all the women about their mobile app MY Alma.

If you are diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, we have built a tool so that you can have all the information and support you need… on hand!

We know that being diagnosed with metastasis is a fact that changes patients lives and creates a new reality for them.
Guided by the needs of metastatic breast cancer patients, Hellenic Association for Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”
created a mobile app that aims to become a useful tool for every woman with metastatic breast cancer.

The application was designed with the aim to provide to metastatic breast cancer patients :

  • information about issues of interest,
  • support in everyday life through useful and practical advice
  • communication with supportive structures

Through the application, women living with metastatic breast cancer have the opportunity to get informed about the latest medical data and points of interest (Hospitals, Health Care Structures, Pain Management Clinics), to get useful advice on how to manage their feelings and treatment’s side effects , to set goals that will help them improve the quality of their lives and increase healthy behavior and, last but not least, to get recommendations on how to improve their everyday life.

The mobile App “My Alma” is made possible by the SPARC GRANT, that was awarded to “Alma Zois”, through the UICC/Pfizer Inc partnership.

“My Alma” includes features like:

  • creating a profile for personalized experience.
  • Emo – meter: Emotion regulation and empowerment with tips for improvement through the simple question “How do you feel today?”
  • My body: Records of the physical state and improvement suggestions according to users medical condition.
  • Goal System (alcohol reduction, mild exercise, smoking cessation) that rewards every “achievement” you make that improves quality of life and increases a healthy behavior.
  • Empowerment Wall: Every user can publish supportive messages on the strength and hope “wall”.
  • Calendar: Personal Calendar to record important events, medical appointments and therapies for better management of everyday life. Furthermore, a calendar that includes “Alma Zois” events and programs that might be of interest, with a reminder option.
  • Videos with simple yoga and mindfulness practice and emotion regulation tips.
  • Information: Medical Articles, news and tips.
  • Points of Interest: Records of the closest points of interest that women with metastatic breast cancer may need (Hospitals, Pain Clinics, stores with items suitable for women with breast cancer), including maps, access instructions and contact information.
  • Explanation of terms related to metastatic breast cancer.
  • Side Effects: explanation of the main side effects of chemo therapies.

Everyone interested in the app can get connected as a guests and be able to obtain basic information about metastatic breast cancer.

The mobile app “My Alma” is designed for both Android and IOS mobile devices and is available for free download from Google Play and AppStore.

Download it now!

If you are a woman with metastatic breast cancer, create your profile and discover all the features of “My Alma” mobile application”.

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