UTMB World Series

Αn important collaboration of UTMB & IRONMAN Groups

UTMB® World Series

UTMB Group – a major player in trail running which has led the sport’s development for the last 18 years – has joined forces with The IRONMAN Group to boost the sport’s international development and, together, will launch the world’s ultimate trail-running circuit: the UTMB® World Series. From as early as 2022, the UTMB® World Series will bring together many of the best international events on the planet which will provide exclusive access to the sport’s pinnacle event, UTMB® Mont-Blanc. Runners across the globe are invited to be part of it and to ‘meet their extraordinary’.

An extraordinary adventure for all runners

The UTMB® World Series is a revolution for the sport, that will bring the trail running community together through a new, integrated sports system that is open to all. Inspired by the high standards of UTMB®, runners will be able to take part in the most beautiful events on the planet, and the UTMB® World Series will be the only place where runners can begin their quest to Mont-Blanc, France, where the prestigious UTMB® World Series Finals will be held. In-line with the rapid growth of the sport, events will be held across six continents, giving all runners more opportunities to live the UTMB® experience on a global scale.

While the full calendar of UTMB® World Series Events will be announced in the third quarter of the year, eight leading, international events are already confirmed across Europe, Asia and Oceania, including:

UTMB® Mont-Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)
Val d’Aran by UTMB® (Spain)
Thailand by UTMB® (Thailand)
Panda Trail by UTMB® (China)
Gaoligong by UTMB® (China)
Tarawera™ Ultramarathon by UTMB® (New Zealand)
Ultra-Trail Australia™ by UTMB® (Australia)
mozart 100® by UTMB® (Austria)

A new, inclusive sports system

As of 2022, the UTMB® World Series will integrate four levels of event:

UTMB® World Series Finals
UTMB® Mont-Blanc is the place where legends of the sport are made, and this pinnacle event will now also see the official crowning of the UTMB® World Series male and female champions. UTMB® World Series titles will be awarded in each of the three key distances of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc – known as the OCC (50K), CCC® (100K) and UTMB® (100M), – and qualification can be achieved only by participating in one of the UTMB® World Series Events or UTMB® World Series Majors.

UTMB® World Series Majors
Three UTMB® World Series Majors will take place each year, where athletes can go head-to-head at the continental Series finals in the Americas, Europe and in Asia/Oceania. Each UTMB® World Series Major will include at least one race in each category – 50K, 100K and 100M – with elite and amateur finishers having at least double the chance to access the UTMB® World Series Finals.

UTMB® World Series Events
From Europe, to Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Africa, UTMB® World Series Events are the best events on the planet, taking place in exceptional locations in the heart of unspoiled nature. Organized to the highest quality standards to bring the UTMB® adventure closer to runners globally, each event will include at least one qualifying race in the 50K, 100K or 100M categories. These races will award Running Stones – with 1 Running Stone equivalent to 1 entry into the UTMB® World Series Finals entries lottery – giving runners the chance to be on the start line in Mont-Blanc. The stars of the sport will also be able to enter the Finals based on their performance in the UTMB® World Series Events.

UTMB® World Series Qualifiers
UTMB® World Series Qualifiers are the gateway to the UTMB® World Series, with thousands of races around the world that are open to all. Participating in a UTMB® World Series Qualifier race is not mandatory to begin your adventure in the Series but runners who do take part will benefit from privileged access to the UTMB® World Series Events.

A new alliance, underpinned by UTMB® values

UTMB Group and The IRONMAN Group have joined forces through a strategic partnership that will enable them to develop the sport of trail running together. The pioneering new UTMB® World Series will unite the trail running community by drawing on UTMB Group’s expertise in the sport and The IRONMAN Group’s acclaimed global experience, to create the future of trail running built around the values of UTMB®: surpassing oneself; fair-play; respect for people and the environment; and solidarity.

Catherine Poletti, President of UTMB Group, commented: “After 18 years of history that has seen UTMB® become known around the world, it has become a brand that not only carries the sporting values of trail running but also fundamental human values. More than ever, we want to share this with as many people as possible and allow everyone to participate in an event organized in the same spirit – and with the same quality standards – as the UTMB® Mont-Blanc.
“We are certain that combining our experience and what the UTMB® brand represents, with the ability and expertise of The IRONMAN Group, is excellent news for the world of trail running and for all its players: the athletes, amateurs, elites, but also their friends and families, the territories, partners and the media.”

The IRONMAN Group has several established trail running events, including the Tarawera Ultramarathon™ by UTMB® (Rotorua, New Zealand), Ultra-Trail Australia™ by UTMB® (Katoomba, NSW, Australia), and the mozart 100® by UTMB® (Salzburg, Austria), all of which will be part of the inaugural UTMB® World Series.

Andrew Messick, President & Chief Executive Officer for The IRONMAN Group said: “The legacy of excellence and leadership by the Poletti family and UTMB® is unparalleled in trail running. Their ability to create transformative and enriching experiences registers deeply with us as the world’s largest organizer of endurance events, and together we look forward to bringing the deep-rooted values, spirit, and camaraderie of trail running competition globally.
“For over 40 years, we have worked to create event experiences that capture the imagination of people from around the world, producing life-changing race experiences for athletes of all levels, from their first step through the finish-line. We are grateful for the ability to partner with the talented team at UTMB Group as we marry our strengths in creating the UTMB® World Series as a platform to elevate the extraordinary that exists in us all,”
Messick concluded.

The UTMB® World Series will provide all trail runners with the chance to live out their passion in the heart of some of the world’s most extraordinary natural settings while exploring iconic destinations and embracing different cultures. More than a sporting challenge, the UTMB® World Series will use its global platform to raise awareness around environmental issues while advocating for inclusivity. Sporting ethics will also play an important role in the UTMB® World Series, with elite and amateur runners treated as equals, as well as the health and well-being of every participant being a priority.

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