New incredible world record by Tommy Hughes

He became the top marathon runner in the category over 60’s

Ο ταχύτερος μαραθωνοδρόμος άνω των 60, Tommy Hughes
Ο ταχύτερος μαραθωνοδρόμος άνω των 60, Tommy Hughes

Tommy Hughes had done a new big achievement. He managed to finish a Marathon in 2:30:02, beating this way the previous record 2:36:30 who hold Yoshihisa Hosaka. Hosaka had achieved the record back in 2009, in the Beppu Oita Marathon in Japan.

Hughes was born on January 8 1960 and last year in Frankfurt scored 2:27:52, a record-breaking performance in the M55. Recently, also broke the world record in the half marathon.

The race, which had been organized especially for Hughes with the support of ChampionChip Ireland (Ireland’s MyLaps counterpart), took place under difficult weather conditions with strong winds over a distance of 2.91 km (it took 14.5 laps) at Down Royal.

Hughes was delighted after reaching the record and did not forget to thank his son Eoin, as also the other members of their newly formed race team Strive Racing Club, for the great pacing.

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